August 8th, 2019

Turtles All the Way Down Book Review

Book: Turtles All the Way Down
Author: John Green
Rating: 1 Out of 5 Stars

No, you’re not reading that wrong. I really am giving a John Green book an one star rating.  I just couldn’t get into this book at all from the first page. I kept trying to read it, but if I have to force myself to read something, then I’m usually not going to enjoy it-no matter how much I want to.

Aza is dealing with mental illness, which is played out very nicely in the book. I think John does a great job of portraying Aza’s mental illness. I really liked the voice of doubt that kept coming up throughout the course of the book. It made Aza seems somewhat human-I use the term somewhat here for a reason. However, how he was trying to make her so philosophical and all knowing really didn’t add anything to her character. It actually took away from her and made it very difficult to connect with her. As you know, I don’t like books in which I can’t connect with the main character.

It just wasn’t Aaz who bothered me. All of the characters just weren’t relatable. I’m not going to say that they didn’t act like teens-as some people have pointed out. I’m just saying that the fact there wasn’t really any character growth or development throughout the story just made it really hard to actually care for them. John Green is very good at writing characters that you actually care about and remember, but here, nope, didn’t happen.

A billionaire has disappeared, which was one to of the reasons why I wanted to read this book. So, this should have set us up for a very interesting story. However, nothing really happened. All of the focus was on making the characters philosophical. I really wish the focus had been on either the disappearance or the character’s mental illness. This is a very short book, so putting both of these stories in here just made everything messy.

Sighs, I think that the age of John Green is probably over. It’s sad, but I can’t read his books anymore if this is how he is going to write. Come on, the writing, yeah, it was like he was trying to be artsy and failing so badly. Don’t force yourself to write in a style that doesn’t fit. I’m used to John Green’s emotional writing that pulls me in, but it just seems to be gone here.

Again, another 2019 disappointing read.