Fatemarked Book Review

Book: Fatemarked
Author: David Estes
Rating: 5 Out of 5 Stars

So, this  another book I got with an Amazon ebook credit. It was on sale for $0.99 and it still may be. This is an ebook that I strongly encourage people to buy-especially if you are into high fantasy and/or a fan of David’s work. I have read four or five of David’s books and this is probably my favourite.

Like many of David’s books, we have a huge cast of characters. There are about ten or eleven main characters and four or five different plot lines. Granted, it’s not as many as A Song of Ice and Fire, but it’s still a lot. Don’t fear though...It’s really not that hard to keep track of the different characters and plot. Each one is so well developed and complex in its own way that you will have no problem keeping it all straight. I like how the plots and the characters are tied in together, but they are not dependent on each other.

So, the book is told from the point of view of five characters. There is a healthy mix of male and female characters; however, I do think they are all pretty close in age. Don’t hold me to that though. One thing that I really like is the mixture of the genders. As many of you know, most books really don’t have a mix. It seems like one gender is the focus, while the other one is just there to support the hero or heroine.  In Fatemarked, each is unique and adds a lot to the plot.

The world building is complex and well done. For some reason, I felt like I was in Angelo-Saxon England.  The kingdoms in the book are well done and well developed. Sometimes when I read fantasy, it seems like only one or two of the kingdoms are developed and the rest are just there. I didn’t get that feeling here. It was like I could visualize them all in my head. I also like how one is not presented as being completely right. In fact, we actually get to see the corruption in each of them.

David’s writing is just as flawless as ever. It is beautiful when it needs to be and terrifying in all the right places. I just love how everything flows and comes together in all the right places. Every emotion comes across the page, which really drew me in. I think that the writing is simple, but the complex nature of the book really made it come alive.

Overall, a pretty good read. I can see why this is a bestseller. I think people who are into A Song of Ice and Fire will enjoy this-granted, it’s not as bloody as Martin’s books....