By Your Side Book Review

Book: By Your Side
Author: Kasie West
Rating: 5 Out of 5 Stars

So, Kasie West is quickly becoming one of my favourite young adult authors. I have read a number of her books over the past couple of years and they always find a way to put me in a good mood. They were cute, fluffy, and are sure to put a smile on your face. By Your Side is no different than any of her books.

Autumn, our main character, finds herself locked in the library over the weekend. Of course, she isn’t alone, Dax, the bad boy is also in there with her. Autumn is determined to get out of there and Dax isn’t. She is also sort of afraid of him at first and this mistrust creates some amazing drama. Then, she allows her feelings to develop. The problem is that she already kind of has a boyfriend. I know, I know...This sounds like most of Kasie’s books. In a sense it is, but there are other factors in this book that I haven’t seen in her other ones.

I did like Autumn’s character. She has an anxiety disorder, which does cause her to have panic attacks. Her friends don’t know about this and think that she just has some strange behaviours. She is fun and loyal, but at the same time she is a real girl. I love how she tries to do what is right and she does seem to want to help others.

Dax is the character who we really don’t know anything about. He has been labeled by others as the bad boy and has rather dark rumours following him. It is these dark rumours that cause the characters to stay away from him. It really is Autumn who breaks down his walls and discovers that not everyone can live an easy life. When Autumn gets around him, Dax just kind of blooms and we get to see his true character.

I do feel kind of bad for Jeff. He is actually a loyal and caring guy, but I do feel like he gets shoved the side. He has been through a lot and I just think that he didn’t deserve what he got. He is really understanding, but that ending of his character just wasn’t realistic for me.

I love the cute nature of the book and it just really pulled me in. I love how this book explores so much: friendship, romance, mental illness, and broken homes. I thought that out of all of Kasie’s books, this more exploded the most issues. I know that I really enjoyed it.