Scarborough Fair Book Review

Book: Scarborough Fair
Author: Margarita Morris
Rating: 4 Out of 5 Stars

I would like to thank Netgalley and Margarita Morris for providing me with this galley.

I will admit that I was drawn to this book more so than the summary. I am not going to lie. That doesn’t mean that the summary didn’t get my attention, but look at the cover. It’s so pretty! I guess that this is one of the cases that the cover really sold the book.

This book is told from two time frames, I guess. Alice is from the Victorian era and Rose is from, well, now. Both girls are pulled together by mystery. Alice disappeared and no one knows really what happened to her. Rose, her maid’s great-great daughter, finds letters and starts to read them. She quickly discovers that everything is not what is seems.

I thought that the characters were actually pretty well put together. I really enjoyed Alice, Mary, and Rose. However, I didn’t really understand the propose for some of them, such as Kitty. I just didn’t see what she really had to add to the story. They also were not as complex and as well developed as those who are in books that I give a five start rating to. We do have a huge cast of characters and, like I just got done saying, I am not sure that a lot of them really add anything to the overall plot. I mean, I did know who everyone was, but it was hard to juggle when I first started out reading the book.

The world building was excellent. Margarita really comes alive with this. She does an amazing job of portraying Scarborough as this really homely, magical small English town. Like other small towns, we have our dark secrets. I know it sounds really clichéd and it probably is, but there was just something about it that really pulled me in.

Margarita’s writing was beautiful. She knew when to have a lighter mood and when to have kind of a darker one. The ability to write rather gentler and action scenes with such ease really appealed to me. She also really played with the senses, which only made the book come more alive for me.

Overall, this was a pretty entertaining book, with a few issues. However, I do think that it is still worth your time to pick this up and read it.