Wonder Book Review

Book: Wonder

Author: R.J Palacio

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Stars

I know, I know...I am probably the last person who has read this. I have been on the library waiting list for some long and it really did feel like it was forever. All of the middle school English classes are reading this.

Right away I was quickly pulled into the world of Wonder. I loved the real feel of it and just how much of real life it was actually about. I loved all of the characters and how they grew. Everything about this book was really amazing and it pulled me right in. There are so many emotions that I feel that this book is bound to hit you hard and really make you think about the world around you. I just felt so drawn to the book and was pulled right in.

Auggie is our main character and he is going to school for the very first time. Now, as many of you know, he isn't really normal. He has a syndrome that affects the way his face look different. He is really a sweet boy, who finds the world to be kind of an evil place. Now, he doesn't let this stop him from being himself, but he has been handed a rather difficult life. He is a strong character, who enjoys doing the same thing that normal fifth grade boys do.

Not only do we have Auggie's point of view, but those who are closest to him. The part that hit me hard was Via. She is not by any means ashamed of her brother, but she does want her chance to shine. She has always put Auggie first and I really do understand why she acts the way the way she did. Put yourself in her shoes.

I think what really made this book was RJ Ralacio's writing. It really was wonderful and eye opening. I was just amazed by how much emotion she could pack into such short chapters. It was just wow...That's all I have for you.

Yes, this book is worth all the hype that it gets. I do strongly encourage everyone to give this book a chance.