Love Life and the List Book Review

Book: Love, Life, and the List
Author: Kasie West
Rating: 4 Out of 5 Stars

I do love Kasie West books, but when I first starting reading this one, I was a little bit concerned. The standard Kasie West just wasn’t there. The characters nor the plot jumped out at me and made me  not want  to go on. I kept on going and the plot did get a lot better. About ten percent of the way in, I found the author that I have come to know and love.

Abby is probably my least favourite Kasie West character. She is an artist who is trying to get into an art program. Her mom has mental problems and her dad is deployed. This really should make her a deep character, but it’s not just there. What Abby goes through just doesn’t come off the page. We know that she is suffering, but we don’t get that. We also don’t know what kind of an artist she is, as her earlier work is not really discussed. Now, I did like Abby, don’t get me wrong. I admired her drive to improve and how she stuck it out. I loved how close she was to people and how she treated people, for the most part. At the end, I think she really does act her age. Go back to your teen years and think about your own behaviour.

I loved Cooper. He’s sweet and loyal. He is probably one of my favourite Kasie West lead males. He has a need for speed as he is a quad racer and will do anything for Abby. I love how he went of his way to help Abby become a better artist. However, he does seem kind of blind to how Abby feels about him, even went as far as to reject her. He really does want Abby to grow as a person, which also seems to make him grow as well.

The side characters were well done, but I didn’t think there was as many as past books. I did like the smaller cast, but maybe some more characters would had added some depth to Abby’s character.

The writing was the normal Kasie West writing. Cute, fun, and simple! This made for a really quick and light read, which is what I need sometimes. I did really think that beginning was slow and the ending was rushed.

Overall, not a bad read. Just don’t let the slow start turn you off of this one.