Scythe Book Review

Book: Scythe
Author: Neal Shusterman
Rating: 5 Out of 5 Stars

Well, I was not expecting this one to be as good as it was when I picked this one up. I really haven’t had a book this year that wasn’t a reread that has pulled me into it like this one. I was very, very surprised by this one and really encourage others to give it a try!

Scythe is a really haunting book. Stay with me for a minute. Imagine a world where humans are immortal and are always being watched by something. Okay, now, you see a person standing on the sidewalk in robes and they come up to you. They say that you have been selected for gleaming, which is the polite term for being killed. There is no way you can get out of it. This is the world of Scythe and I wish I could make it sound more scary. It’s a sickening world, but, yet, one that you really cannot seem to pull yourself out of or at least, I couldn’t. The world of Scythe really did remind me of The Giver. So, if you really like The Giver, I think you will enjoy this one.

I really enjoyed the characters. We have a mixture of characters-those who try to do the right thing and those who really don’t care. I like getting to see this struggle between the characters. Most authors tend to focus on those who are trying to do right while painting the others are evil. I like how they are painted as both. Citra and Rowan are the main characters, so much of the story is told through their point of view. However, we do get some others. There are even a few from those being gleamed and whatnot, which, to me, only makes the story seem that much more real.  All of the characters are well developed and dynamic. Some them go through more change throughout the book than others, but there is still that element of character growth.

Neal’s writing, I think, is really what makes the book. It was very haunting and had that emotional punch that is often times missing from books. I was sucked in for one and simply could not get out of it. I don’t know what it was about his writing, but just there. It really did reach down into your core and pull right at you. It may really make you question what the world could be like if we really did get to live forever.

So, I went into this one with zero expectations and came out with a very pleasant surprise. Scythe really is one of my top new reads so far this year.