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T.L. McDonald lives in Ohio with her husband, her three wonderful children, and her little miniature pinscher Lola (who thinks she's a big beast.) When she's not spending time with her family or friends, she can often be found staring at the computer screen as she writes new material (okay sometimes she's actually just surfing her newsfeed on Facebook or Twitter), curled up with a good book, or occasionally binge watching an entire series on Netflix. Although T.L. has been writing since her childhood, Marked is her very first published novel and now that she's gotten this far, she has no plans of stopping. Nothing makes her happier than knowing she's put something out into the world for people to enjoy.

She is the author of Marked and Fated.

1) So, let’s get the hardest question out of the way. Tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up in a very small town in Ohio where there wasn’t a whole lot to do other than read books, go to the movies, or find some kind of trouble to get into with your friends on weekends. I was never much for trouble (though I may have caused a little), so I usually turned to reading, which fueled my imagination and further sparked my desire to write books myself. Now, I’m all grown up with a wonderful husband and three awesome kids who have been nothing but supportive and encouraging as I follow my dreams at having my books published for the readers of the world to discover and enjoy. When I’m not writing, reading or spending time with the family I enjoy learning new things, listening to music, and watching every horror or comic book/super hero movie that comes to the theater.

2) What got you into writing?
I would say my love of reading and my own crazy imagination and dreams is probably what got me into writing. Growing up, I was always the kind of kid who had her head in the clouds with daydreams running rampant.

3) Tell us about the perfect character.
I’m not sure if there really is such as thing as the perfect character because perfect can be subjective. (Although all of my characters are absolutely perfect. Wink, wink.) But seriously, what I might think is perfect someone else might think is horrible. With that said, there are characters in books I’ve read that I’ve thought were perfect such as Jace from the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. He was perfect in that he was flawed, strong-willed, and a little lost. I like characters like that because they have so much room to grow and to me that’s perfect.

4) Do you prefer to read and/or write present tense or past tense? Why?
I don’t really have a preference when reading, but when I write, lately I’ve tended to do it in present tense, and I think that’s because I fell in love with the writing style after reading Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. It just felt so immediate and in the moment and I really liked that.

5) Do you write your books in order or do you write the ending first, the middle first, etc.?
I write the ending first actually and then I go back and start at the beginning. Though I do sometimes write random scenes that will go somewhere in the middle. It really just depends on how the ideas come to me.

6) What is your go to writing aid and why?
Music is my go to writing aid because not only does it help me “get into the zone” it also inspires me. The type of music I listen to will directly effect the mood and tone of the scene I’m writing. If it’s a light/fun/fluffy kind of scene I’ll listen to upbeat fun popish music and if the scene is dark, sad, scary, or involves fighting (for something or against a threat of some kind) in nature, then I’ll listen to alternative or rock. Creating personalized radio stations on Pandora has been instrumental in this, though I do have writing playlists on my iPod also.

7) Would you want to live in the world you created?
The creative side of me would definitely love to because having the supernatural world be a reality with all the paranormal beings and magical abilities would make for an interesting place.

8) Is there anything that you would change about your book and why?
This is actually a very hard question because as a writer the story is never really done. I don’t know how many times I’ve added to, deleted all together, or changed things, until I eventually got to the point where I had to stop and say, “Okay, it’s done for real this time.” But truthfully, even now, when I go back and re-read what I’ve written I still think, “Hmm, I should have added this, or said this like this…” and so on.

9) Tell us a little about your book.
Marked is a YA paranormal / urban fantasy (the first in a planned trilogy) about a seventeen year old girl (Hanna Harper) who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Witnessing a murder by a killer who’s not exactly human, she’s then branded with a mark of knowledge by the dying boy. This mark gives her access to the dying boys memories which contain a secret powerful enough to bring about the end of world should it fall into the wrong hands, like say the hands of the fallen angel now hunting her.

10) Why should readers read your book?
I think people should read my book because it’s a fun way to escape the monotony of everyday life. Who wants to sit in a classroom or office all day when you could be living vicariously through Hanna by delving into a world full of supernatural beings as she’s thrust into a situation she never in a million years would have imagined could exist?